Days in the Life 2



Days in the Life 2

"I'd recommend this environment especially to any freelancers."

Ms. Ugajin lives in Social Residence Machida-Kurihira, and holds yoga lessons there. Since she used to be a yoga instructor, she has been able to share her skills and knowledge with her share mates. This time, our manager Arita interviewed Ugajin to find out more about her and her life at SR Machida-Kurihira.

"I wanted to live in a building where I knew everyone living there."

What made you want to live in a share house?
I've lived in a share house for 6 years already, but even back then share houses were a popular topic. Plus, before that I lived in a student dorm and had no problem living in a shared environment. In the past I lived in a regular apartment, but there was a fire accident due to someone's cigarette; so I decided that I wanted to live somewhere where I knew everyone else.

Ugajin's room

She enjoys the lounge

A sense of safety
When I lived alone, I would always come home late at night when it was really dark, so I wanted to be able to return home to somewhere that was brightly lit. Plus the entrance has an auto-lock system, which makes me feel safer than a regular apartment. I used to go to work and come back by myself, so on weekends I would realize that I wouldn't talk to anybody, or would only talk about business. So it was a big factor in my decision that I could naturally find ways to talk easily with the people I lived with.

Ugajin has found a place where she can easily talk with her share mates

Perfect if you want to live in a relaxed neighborhood but still close to the city!

What made you choose SR Machida Kurihira?
I lived in a different Oakhouse share house before, but when SR Machida Kurihira opened, 3 of the people I was close to decided to move there. It's only 5 minutes from the station, and there are no traffic lights on the way so it's a nonstop, straight shot! Plus, it's in a quiet residential neighborhood, on a corner, and it's quiet and you don't hear much traffic.
If you take the Tama express line from Kurihira station, you can get to Shinjuku, or change to the Metro Chiyoda line, so you can pretty much get anywhere. On weekends and holidays it's easy to get a seat. I really recommend this place if you want to live near the main parts of the city, but also in a really low-key area!

Entrance, surrounded by trees and plants

SR Machida Kurihira office space
I think the social office is a great place for freelancers and others to have an encouraging and relaxing work environment. Plus, there's a shared PC, copy machine, and wifi, which is pretty much all you need for many work environments these days, especially if you're putting together a CV and applying for jobs. There are quite a few freelancers living here, or even people considering making the shift to freelance. It's really fun to hear about their plans and work.

Office area, with copy machine and wifi

A place you can read quietly

What do you like most about living here?
I can talk with other people living here every day, people of different nationalities and ages. Plus I really like that the utility bills are a flat rate, no matter the time of year, and that there's no contract renewal fee. At usual apartments, you'll have a small kitchen, but here it's spacious, and there's a Healsio microwave oven and other appliances, so it's a lot of fun to cook! I also really like using the soundproofed theater room.

Spacious kitchen

Theater room for movie lovers

How do you spend your days off?
I spend my days off hanging out with my friends here or fitness pals, eating or going out for the day. In the summer we've gone to see fireworks, or to the beach. We also go to Oakhouse-sponsored events, like the summer camp that happened recently. And recently I've been going to a gym nearby, and the house manager also goes to the same gym, so we often work out together.

Great memories with share mates

What else would you like to do in the share house?
I've held a lot of yoga lessons at SR Machida Kurihira, and I'd like to start doing that again. I like to think up things to do together with others, so I hope more women come to live here too!

Yoga in the house

Advice for anyone thinking of living in a share house
Even if you're only slightly interested, I really recommend just trying it out and moving in for a little bit.
The initial costs are lower than regular apartments, and it's really easy to move in and start living.
Plus, your worldview might expand, as you meet and make friends with people of other generations or nationalities, people you might not normally talk to.

Especially at SR Machida Kurihira, there are lots of people so you can make lots of friends easily, but you can also find lots of quiet time by yourself. It's a good balance, I think. There are about 15 people living here who have been here since the house opened, which is apparently quite rare for a share house. There are even people who have moved back in after moving out once! They all said that they could only relax here at SR Machida Kurihira.
I hope you will at least come check out the house so you can take that first step!