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Chofu station is on the Keio main line and Sagamihara line, quite busy during rush hour. Nearby are the Chofu Parco shopping center and Fudaten shrine. Average Oakhouse share house rent is 40,000, lower than the average for other Oakhouses in the area. There are plenty of supermarkets, even a 24-hour one, which is out the north exit. Take the express train to get to Shinjuku in 15 minutes.

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Tsutsujigaoka(Tokyo)Station Share Houses in Tsutsujigaoka(Tokyo)Station



Keio line / Tsutsujigaoka(Tokyo) 10minutes

Move in conditions: Female Male Foreigner

Rooms for 2 or more available

  • Bicycle parking
  • Non-Smoking house
  • Theater room

¥52,000 - ¥61,000


Free wifi and 19mins to Shinjuku and 24 to Shibuya! ……

Keio NagayamaStation Share Houses in Keio NagayamaStation



Keio-Sagamihara line / Keio Nagayama 10minutes

Move in conditions: Female Male Foreigner

Rooms for 2 or more available

  • Bicycle parking
  • Cable TV
  • Theater room

¥45,000 - ¥51,000


Shinjuku and Shibuya Station in less than 30 minutes……

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Station overview

Chofu station is in Chofu city, Tokyo, on the Keio main and Sagamihara lines. It is on local and express services, and on the special express service it is just 2 stops from Shinjuku. It is the starting point for the Sagamihara line, which is important for those traveling to Kawasaki or other places in western Tokyo. It serves 125,000 riders daily, which is very high for the Keio line. It was built at its current location in 1953, and was remodeled in 2008, with construction complete in 2014. The remodel has made it more convenient overall. From Chofu station you can get to Shinjuku, western Tokyo, and Kawasaki.

Places to see

There are shopping centers, banks, and municipal offices near Chofu station. One famous spot is Fudaten shrine. When it was built is unknown, but it is apparently quite old. It was moved to its current location in 1477, and thought it originally was only dedicated to the god Sukunahikona, they also added Sugawara no Michizane. On the 2nd day of every month there is an antiques market here. Out the north exit of the station is Chofu Parco shopping center, with resutarants and dining terrace on the upper floors. The very top floors are a hotel. There are many things and services you can buy.


Chofu station lies on 2 train lines so it is a convenient place to travel from. It is convenient for shopping near the station, but just a short way away you can find plenty of nature spots. Plus there is good bus coverage. With shopping centers and nearby grocery stores, you won't have a problem day to day. The Seiyu supermarket which is a 2-minute walk from the station is open 24 hours. There is also a drugstore and a 100 yen shop.