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Hatanodai station is in the southwest of Shinagawa ward in Tokyo, along the Tokyu Ooimachi and Ikegami lines. Right near the station you can find many low-rise apartments, but past them extend quiet residential neighborhoods of single houses. Average Oakhouse share house rent is 59,600 yen, lower than other nearby areas. There are two main shopping streets that extend from the station, Musashi Koyama and Togoshi Ginza shopping streets. Both are convenint, but the Musashi Koyama one has a covering over its arcade, so it is better for rainy day shopping. With a police station, university hospital, post office, supermarkets, parks, and much more, this is a very livable place to live whether you are on your own or have a family.

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Station overview

Hatanodai station is in Shinagawa ward in Tokyo, on the Tokyu Ooimachi and Ikegami lines. The station takes its name from an event from the ancient Heian period, when Minamoto no Yorinobu raised a white flag in prayer for victory in an upcoming battle ("Hata" means "flag"). The station area has a retro Japanese feeling, and you will be able to get pretty much everything you need daily. Currently, a hospital and high-rise are being built in the area.

Places to see

The station's namesake, Hataoka Hachiman Shrine, is just a 2-minute walk from the station. It holds an archery festival/competition every February 15th. Many of its buildings burned down during the war, but have since been rebuilt. Other festivals are held in September, and watching people carry the mikoshi is a recommended sight.


Hatanodai is an express stop on the Ooimachi line, getting you to Ooimachi station in 10 minutes, or the other way to Jiyugaoka in just 5. You can get to Futako Tamagawa station in 15 minutes. On the Ikegami line, you can get to Gotanda in 7 minutes, or Kamata in 15. This all gives you plenty of options to get to places for shopping or business. The shopping streets from this station lead directly to nearby stations Ebara or Nakanobu, which all lends to its nostalgic downtown atmosphere. Almost everything you will need daily is here, from supermarkets and convenience stores to hospitals and more. If you cross Kannana dori and walk 15 minutes you can get to a park with a large pond. Due to its great convenience, rent prices tend to be higher in this area.