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Nakano FujimichoStation

Nakano Fujimicho is a station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line, and is very busy during rush hour. Nearby are Ryuhoji and Toenji temples. Average Oakhouse share house rent is 85,000 yen, which is higher than the nearby average, but you can get to Shinjuku in just a few minutes, as well as easily transfer at various stations such as Tokyo to get to other places. Plus there is lots of nature around, and the river and various parks are within walking distance.


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Station overview

Nakano-Fujimicho is in Nakano ward in Tokyo, on the Metro Marunouchi line. It opened in 1961. Platform doors and steps were added in 2004, with elevators coming in 2007 to provide a more barrier-free experience. The ticket gate is on the ground floor, and the platform on the floor below, which are connected through elevators and stairs. Trains head toward either Honancho, or Nakano-Sakaue. Average daily ridership is 19,500, an increase of 2000 over the last 10 years. It is one of the least-used stations in the Tokyo Metro system.

Places to see

Nakano-Fujimicho station is surrounded by residential areas and is a convenient place to live, and luckily there are also some sights to see. Ryuhoji and Toenji are two local temples. Ryuhoji is 600 meters from the station and was built in 1506, though it was built at another location, and moved to its present location in 1919. The main hall was built in 1981. Toenji has remarkable statues and buildings, and was built in 1573. Mostly, the Nakano-Fujimicho area is a nice place to live a quiet life.


There is a supermarket right near Nakano-Fujimicho station, as well as fast food and other restaurants. The Kanda river flows to the north, and there are schools on teh south side of the station. It is a safe area, with lots of nature spots. You can get to Shinjuku within 10 minutes, or to Shibuya, Ikebukuro, and even Tokyo in just over 20. Plus there is direct access to Tokyo station, from which you can then take shinkansen bullet trains to further destinations. Just a short walk from the station you can find quiet residential neighborhoods, though each will have their own differences. It is a popular place for families with small children.

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