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Share Houses in Nishi MagomeStation

1 houses with 15rooms in Nishi MagomeStation

Nishi-Magome is a station on the Toei Asakusa line. It's the first stop on the line so even during rush hour you may be able to get a seat.
Nearby are the Ota City Local History Museum, and the Ikegami Plum Garden.
Average Oakhouse apartment rent is 75,000 yen, slightly less than other areas along the same line. It is a convenient area for shopping with many supermarkets nearby.
There are also parks, temples, and shrines, making this a relaxed place to live.

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JR-Yokosuka line / Nishi Oi 7minutes

Move in conditions: Female Male Foreigner

Rooms for 2 or more available

  • Bicycle parking
  • Non-Smoking house

¥43,000 - ¥83,000


Semi-double bed-sofa-storage in spacious single room……

Foreigner Japanese
10~29 30~49 Over 50

Rental market price in Nishi Magome

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Average ¥0


Average ¥72,600

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Station overview

Nishi-Magome is in Ota ward in Tokyo, on the Toei Asakusa line. It is the southern-most station in the 23 Tokyo wards. It opened in 1968 along Toei's number 1 line, the name of which changed to the Asakusa line in 1978. The east exit was opened in 2013, along with a path that connects the south exit with platform 1.
There are 47,000 riders per day, a number that is climbing. This is the first stop on the Asakusa line headed toward Oshiage, and it is possible to find a seat usually.
There are 3 exits in total--east, south, and west--and 3 elevators connecting the 4 below-ground floors. It has barrier-free routes, accessible toilets, and escalators.

Places to see

Near Nishi-Magome are the Ota City Local History museum and the Ikegami Plum Garden.
The museum is 500 meters from the station, which focuses on local history and archaeology. It is free to enter, and you can see many valuable artifacts of the area. They hold events where you can make your own prehistoric Jomon-era pottery, and at the time of writing there is a gallery of works by Hasui Kawase. Ota ward is the largest of the 23 Tokyo wards, and it has a very long history extending far into the past, and this museum aims to teach people about it.
600 meters from the station is the Ikegami Plum Garden, also run by Ota ward. It has many beautiful plum trees and several tea houses and is a lovely sight. It is also pretty when the rhododendrons bloom.
There are many parks, temples and shrines near Nishi-Magome station, making for an oasis in the city.


The area around Nishi-Magome serves as a bedroom town for many working in central Tokyo, so there are many supermarkets near the station. Most of the people living in this area are families, so it is a safe place to raise children. There are places where you can experience nature, and for children to enjoy. There are several drugstores and other convenient day-to-day shopping places.
Again it is a safe area, with many nice apartment buildings so it is a good place to look for a place to rent.
You will have to transfer once but you can get to Shibuya in about 20 minutes, and Shinjuku or Tokyo in a few more. This makes it convenient for going to work or school. And since it's the first station it can be easy to find a seat for a less stressful commute.