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Roppongi Itchome station is on the Tokyo Metro Namboku line. Its location in the metropolitan area means that it is very crowded during rush hour. Nearby are Izumi Garden Tower and Sumitomi Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower. Average Oakhouse share house rent is 46,000 yen, lower compared to nearby areas on the same line. From here it is easy to get around other places in the metro area, particular other parts of Minato ward. There are many leisure spots within walking distance.

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Grand Concierge Roppongi

TokyoMetro-Namboku line / Roppongi Itchome 3minutes

Move in conditions: Female Male Foreigner

Rooms for 2 or more available

  • Non-Smoking house

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Rooms for 2 or more available

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Station overview

Roppongi Itchome is a station on the Tokyo Metro Namboku line, and was originally going to be called Higashi Roppongi, though the current name reflects its address more accurately. Nearby Roppongi station opened in 1964, so this is a comparatively new station. Trains leaving from platform 1 head toward the Akabane-Iwabuchi area, and then also travel on the Saitama Railway after that. Platform 2 trains head toward Meguro station and turn into the Tokyu Meguro line. Average daily ridership is 80,000, among the top among Namboku line stops, so it is quite crowded in morning rush hour, the platform and passageways overflowing with commuters. That said, it is not terribly crowded during the rest of the day. The station exit leads directly to the TV Tokyo station building, as well as Izumi Garden Tower, which is helpful for avoiding rain.

Places to see

First, let's take a look at Izumi Garden Tower, which connects directly to exit 2. Upon leaving the exit you will find rows of stalls selling sweets and other goods following latest trends. The building is covered in glass for an open, sunny feeling. Past the doorway is a terrace, with a cafe where you can enjoy a cup of coffee. The top floors contain offices, and floors 1 through 3 have many places to eat and drink. The 4th floor has a hospital, and golf studio.
From exit 1, you can find Sumitomo Fudosan Ropppongi Grand Tower, completed in 2016, and serving as evidence of Roppongi's ever-present development. It contains the offices of the TV Tokyo studio. It is not open to the public, but they do have a small shop that sells goods, such as those relating to the popular mascot banana character Nanana. It also have a cafe, and if you're lucky you may be able to spot a celebrity or two.


Roppongi Itchome station is connected directly to the Tower buildings so if you are there during business hours you will be able to get your daily shopping done. There are plenty of convenience stores and places to eat and drink. It is a fairly upscale area, so you tend to see more higher-end grocery stores like Seijo Ishii and Fukushimaya. That said, there are a Don Quixote discount store and Niku no Hanamasa store in the area. If you take the bus you can get directly to Shibuya station, or toward Shinbashi. The station is on the Namboku line only, but there are many places to make transfers, like Tameike-Sanno station, so it shouldn't be too hard to get anywhere else you'd like to go.