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Takanodai station is on the Seibu Kokubunji line. It is not very crowded, except during commute times. Sometimes it may be crowded with students. Nearby are the Kodaira Chuo park and Musashino Art University.
Average Oakhouse share house rent near here is 44,000 yen, lower than the average for other Oakhouse houses in Kodaira city. The area is safe, and because the station does not get too crowded travel is not as stressful as in the center of the city.

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Station overview

Seibu Kokubunji line Takanodai station is in Kodaira city in Tokyo. The small Kokubunji line only has 5 stations, with Takanodai roughly in the middle. It sees around 27,000 riders per day, mostly students. It opened in 1948, and the new station building was completed in 1985. There is only 1 ticket gate, but there have been recent efforts to make the station more barrier-free, from elevators to accessible bathrooms and an open-counter ticket office.

Places to see

The most well-known place to see around Takanodai is Kodaira Chuo Park. With a sports center, gym, track, tennis court and more, you can often see youth soccer clubs playing matches. Not only are there opportunities to exercise, but there are many beautiful trees, plants and flowers to see throughout the year. There is also a beautiful fountain and places for children to play. There is also the Musashino Art University nearby, with a gallery you can enter for free. It is a good place to go if you enjoy art. This is an area well-equipped for education.


There are many schools near Takanodai station, and the area is quite safe. There are supermarkets near the station, as well as plenty of convenience stores and restaurants. There are many universities so there are many students who live in this area. Stations nearby include Ogawa, from which you can take the Seibu Haijima line, or take Higashi Murayama station to the Seibu Shinjuku or Seibuen lines; or transfer at Kokubunji to the Seibu Tamako line or JR Chuo line. It is a local station with a quiet lifestyle to be had.