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Itabashi ward: though it may not have many well-known sights, it is an industrial powerhouse.

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Area overview

Itabashi ward lies in the north of Tokyo, with a population of 540,000 people. Though it may not have many well-known sights, it has a strong industrial presence. While the similarly industrially robust area Ota ward has many small factories concentrated in smaller areas, Itabashi boasts many large factories, producing anything from food products to precise machinery, and it is this diversity among production that makes it so strong. Also, it is a popular place to live because it has such good transportation access, with a population among the largest in Tokyo.

Things to see

Though Itabashi is mostly filled with industrial areas, many train lines run through here making for easy access to other parts of the city. It also has many places to live. People who were born and raised in Itabashi may have a different image of Tokyo than most people, as they perhaps come from a more settled-down and easy-living part of Tokyo. Akatsuka Park has 200 plum trees, and there are sakura trees along the Shakujii river, making for popular destinations for residents in the spring. It's a place that's a little different than most places in Tokyo. In the summer there is a fireworks festival, and other seasonal traditions.


There are about 20 stations throughout Itabashi, but they are rarely very crowded. This is because a lot of people that live in Itabashi tend to work and study here as well so they do not have to travel very far. Perhaps Itabashi residents tend to like Itabashi a lot. There are many hospitals and health care facilities in Itabashi which makes it easy for older people to live here. There are also a surprising number of young people who live here--2nd only to Nerima ward--which means that Itabashi has a bright future.