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JR-Nambu line

The JR Nambu line has 30 stations, connecting Kawasaki in Kanagawa to Tachikawa in Tokyo, running 45 km.


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Railway Overview

Though it does not include any major stops in the 23 wards, it connects at various spots to the Chuo and other lines. High ridership is seen at Kawasaki, Musashi Kosugi, Musashi Mizonokuchi, Noborito, and Tachikawa stations. Its areas have seen recent rapid development, such as Musashi Kosugi, and it is growing into a popular place to live. The line used to be quite crowded, but measures have elp with this recently. There are 2 express services, helpful for commuters.

Places to see

First, Kawasaki is known for Solid Square, Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall, the Lazona Kawasaki Plaza shopping mall, and more. Because the station is in the middle of Kawasaki city, it is very convenient. Musashi Kosugi is home to many health care facilities, and the Nakahara Peace Park and Peace Museum. Fuchu Honcho station in Fuchu city in Tokyo is home to the Tokyo Horse Racing Museum, the Tamagawa Boat Race, and other leisure spots. It also of course has convenient shopping. Finally, Tachikawa has shopping malls like Lumine and Loft, as well as Suwa shrine, Suwa no Mori Park, and Showa Memorial Park. Tachikawa connects to the Ome line, so it is convenient. People living along the Nambu line enjoy the convenience.


The lifestyles of those living near the stations in Tokyo and those living near the stations in Kawasaki can differ greatly. Areas around Nambu line stations can have high rent prices or low ones, depending on the area. That said, all will have convenient supermarkets and other stores nearby. Kawasaki and Tachikawa have large shopping malls, and there are transfers to other lines along the Nambu line. This could be a good area to live near if you are moving to Tokyo for the first time.

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