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KyotoSubway-Karasuma line

The Kyoto Subway Karasuma line runs from north to south in Kyoto city, and boasts major stations like Kyoto and Shijo.


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Railway Overview

Kyoto station in particular sees a massive amount of users daily, but there are also many people who use Shijo and Takeda stations, either to switch to other trains or for sightseeing. There are only 2 subway lines in Kyoto city, and Karasuma is the main one. There are 15 stations, and it passes through 7 wards, including Shimogyo and Nakagyo. The line runs for 13.7 km, and there are many schools and universities along the way.
Since it began operation in 1981, the line has been used by the people living in the city, travelers, and businessmen. In recent years the schedule and service has been improved. At Karasuma Oike station you can change to the Tozai line. There is also through service via the Kintetsu Kyoto line, so you can get to areas further south like Nara. Rental properties in this area, the center of Kyoto, are popular.

Places to see

There are of course many things to see along the Karasuma line. The Kyoto Aquarium near Kyoto station was opened in 2012. It uses artificial seawater so that people can see ocean wildlife. There is a beautiful jellyfish exhibit, as well as exhibitions showing local water creatures from Kyoto's rivers, ocean, and mountain streams. There are also performances and hands-on experiences, as well as a dolphin show.
One of the busiest areas in Kyoto is around Shijo station. You can enjoy traditional Kyoto cooking along the many shopping streets, like Teramachi and others. This is one of the best areas to taste the proud cooking tradition of Kyoto. There are also places to buy traditional handcrafted souvenirs, and the whole area has the historical atmosphere everyone is looking for. It's a great place to walk around.


The Karasuma line goes from Sakyo ward to Fushimi ward, and surprisingly the atmosphere around each area can be quite different. There are of course areas where you can find the traditional Kyoto atmosphere, but from Imadegawa station to the north, you will find more relaxed lifestyles. Go south of Kyoto station for even more variety.
The Karasuma line is not a very big line, so it is easy to travel on. Kyoto city is actually quite convenient with convenient shops and drugstores, and it is a popular area to live. Rent prices around Shijo station can be rather high, but it is nonetheless convenient.

KyotoSubway-Karasuma line stations

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