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The Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line consists of the main branch, which goes from Ikebukuro station in Toshima ward, Tokyo, to Ogikubo station in Suginami ward, and the other branch which goes from Nakano-Sakaue in Nakano ward to Honancho station in Suginami.


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Railway Overview

The Marunouchi is a convenient line containing large terminal stations like Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Tokyo, which then connect to other lines and even bullet trains. The line goes from the quiet residential areas in Toshima and Bunkyo wards toward the Tokyo Dome area around Korakuen station. After that, it enters the business and office districts of Otemachi, Tokyo, and Ginza. Further, it passes the national diet building and other government institutions at Kasumigaseki and Yotsuya, then heads into the business and leisure district of Shinjuku. Past Shinjuku, the Marunouchi once again reaches residential neighborhoods of Nakano and Asagaya. Thus, the line covers a wide variety of locations in Tokyo.

Places to see

Ikebukuro and Shinjuku are large terminal stations, so the station building and its surroundings have shopping, restaurants and cafes, movie theaters, electronics shops, other entertainment, and more. Tokyo Dome near Korakuen station is the home field of a pro baseball team, and also has the Tokyo Dome city complex, with an amusement park, spa, restaurants, and more. Otemachi and Ginza are business districts, but Otemachi in particular still retains some of the old Edo-style atmosphere, and is close to Nihonbashi bridge. Next-door, Tokyo station has recently undergone a facelift, turning it into a center with many things to eat, drink, and buy. Near Ginza, there is a new boutique shopping center Ginza Six which is popular with foreign tourists. In Nakano, Koenji, and Asagaya, you will find neighborhoods popular with students and young people. Nakano in particular is a rising sub-culture mecca for anime and music fans. Koenji is home to many vintage clothing stores, and it is enjoyable to explore the back streets. From Asagaya to Ogikubo you can find residential areas close to Shinjuku.


The portion of the Marunouchi that passes through the center of the city is quite long, so you will not find many rental options, nor affordable ones. Recommended places to rent along the line include Shin-Otsuka and Myogadani, around Nakano and Suginami wards. These are more affordable residential areas. They are convenient for both the local shops as well as the short distance to Ikebukuro and Shinjuku, with all its electronics, fashion, and eateries. For everyday shopping, the street connecting Minami-Asagaya and Asagaya is a long shopping street with over 200 shops. For high-end shopping, head to Ginza. If you're into Japanese pop and sub culture, get over to Nakano Broadway. If you're into literature, Ogikubo has many book shops, as well as many writers living in the area. The Marunouchi line will have something for everyone.

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