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3 houses with 73rooms in
Yokohama Subway-Green line

The Yokohama Municipal Subway Green Line runs in Yokohama city from Nakayama station to Hiyoshi station.


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Railway Overview

The line is made up of 10 stations, going through 3 municipal wards in Yokohama: Midori-ku, Tsuzuki-ku, and Kohoku-ku. It runs for 13.1 km, and is run by the city of Yokohama. It is called the Green Line because it runs through the hills of Yokohama. As the lines have grown more complex, you can change to the Blue Line from Center Minami and Center Kita stations, as well as change to other lines from Nakayama an Hiyoshi. The line only started in 2008, so it is still rather new.
It is smaller than the Blue Line, but is an important local line, as it runs from east to west in the northern part of Yokohama.

Places to see

The Yokohama Zoorasia zoo is near Nakayama station. There you can see lions, capybaras, giraffes, tigers, and more. It is a good place for families and couples to visit, as you can see animals that do not live in Japan naturally. They hold many events, such as those celebrating the anniversary of the arrival of douc langur monkeys, and bird shows, where you can learn more about various animals. Right by the zoo is a park where you can play tennis or baseball, or barbecue, and there is a botanical garden as well. You could easily spend all day here.
Near Hiyoshi Honcho station, there is Konzoji temple, which was established over 1,000 years ago. It is dedicated to Jurojin, one of the Seven Gods of Fortune. The gates and halls of the temple are very old and famous. It is a nice spot to get away from the bustle of the city and enjoy the trees. It is a spot on many pilgrimages.


The Green Line passes through many residential areas, so there are plenty of supermarkets, drugstores, and shopping malls, meaning that daily life is convenient. At 4 out of the 10 stations you can transfer to another line, making access within Yokohama or to Tokyo convenient. Many families live here, so there are more and more day care centers, and there are comparatively more apartments. Even among Yokohama the area is known as easy to live in, serving as a bedroom town for Tokyo and Yokohama commuters.

Yokohama Subway-Green line stations

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