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Tea Party

We held a tea party at Flora Yokohama Hoshikawa!

The ladies of the staff investigate!

Nana and Yuri from the Shibuya Info Center investigated one of our newest women-only houses!
It is 5 minutes from Yokohama station by train. Though it is near such a busy city, it has many nice retro shops in the nearby shopping street. There is a river that flows near the station, a library, park, shrine... it almost feels like the countryside! They tackled the area from a woman's perspective. Take a look!

We held a tea party on July 10th!

All our lovely tea party attendees♪

This women-only house is just beautiful and clean! We had a sweets and tea party with current and potential residents, enjoying some nice chocolate fondue. There are people not just from Japan but Australia, America, China, Canada, and more! Almost 70% of the residents are foreigners, and many of them are good at Japanese, so it can also be a great environment for learning and exchange!

Girl talk!

So many sweets!

Checking the house and surrounding area!

We found the area around Hoshikawa station to be charming and retro! Everything from the shrine to the shopping streets and cafes has such a nice mood!

Tachibana Shrine
This shrine is very close to Hoshikawa station, and it was established in 1186! It's a branch of Gion shrine in Kyoto. Even though it was a holiday, it was quiet with not many people, so we made a quick visit.

In front of the shrine


Matsubara market
There were so many people bustling in the Matsubara market that we mistook it for a festival! There was a big sale going on. This is how it is all the time! The shopkeepers were very friendly and everything was low-priced! Have fun exploring this market!



With the shopkeeper

Large variety of bread

Relax in the park by the river
There is a river and a park next to Hoshikawa station. The library is nearby too so you could check out a book and read it by the riverside!


Haven't done this since I was a kid!

Nice cafe
Near the market we found this cafe called Koropokkuru. We loved it even from the name! They make shakes, coffee, and have a lunch menu. There are many unique cafes like this, so we hope you can find your regular hangout!

What could this "korobokkuru" be?

The real deal!

House facilities
We asked the residents what they like about the house: they told us they really appreciate that each room has its own bathroom and sink. There are 2 bathtubs. The cafe lounge is nice to relax in, and there's a smoking room and a theater room. The lounge is cleaned 3 times per week. All these things add up to a house women can enjoy living in!

Clean, spacious rooms

So nice to have your own bathroom in a share house!

What will we watch tonight in the theater room?

Have a nice time in the cafe lounge

Sophisticated smoking room

Editor's notes
"The main point we learned about this house is that it's nice, clean, and convenient.
It's been fully reformed, and kept clean, and the residents' said they most liked the fact that each room has its own bathroom and sink.
There are many foreigners living here so if you want to study English or Japanese or just make friends with women from all over the world, this could be the house for you.
It has everything women need from their house."