Final Edition

A Social Residence centered on enjoyment. What's the secret of the popularity of this house, which has been featured on TV?

"Social Residence" is a registered trademark of Oakhouse. This series of share houses was created as not just a place to live comfortably, but to really enjoy living. Among Oakhouse's over 259 houses (as of October 2018), there are just 25 of these Social Residences, with their extra merits, diverse shared spaces, and other services. This one, Social Residence Higashi Koganei, has been featured on TV several times since it opened 4 years ago. We took a look at the house to see what sets it apart from all the others.

Keywords: International, and Sports

The lounge: a natural place to interact with your housemates

An international group of residents

The spacious entrance has a space that extends into the second floor, and is bright and welcoming. Passing residents greeted us with "konnichiwa" in a variety of accents.
The house manager informed us that over 50% of the residents are foreigners, and many from America.
The reason there are so many from America is that there are many students here who study at ICU, or International Christian University, usually commuting to the Mitaka campus by bicycle. It was interesting being among this atmosphere while still in Japan.
Secret number 1 of SR Higashi Koganei's popularity is the international flavor.

The symbol of the house, the sports court

Futsal! Basketball! Tennis! Sweat it out on your own home court

I'll just start from secret number 2: Sports.
SR Higashi Koganei has a sports court, and it's the only Social Residence, let alone Oakhouse share house, to have one. The house hosts a periodical futsal tournament called the Higako Cup. On weekends the futsal team practices. Of course you can play other sports too in house clubs, like basketball or tennis. In summer after the futsal tournament and basketball, they have a bbq party. That's definitely one of the secrets as to why everyone here gets along so well--it's the bonds you always make when playing sports together!

Just gotta have fun!

And there's more fun to be had other than the court. On the 2nd floor is the Social Studio, with a theater, play room, and fitness gym zone. Work out, practice dance, play pool or table tennis, watch a movie on a 150-inch monitor or play games. This is another easy way to have fun and get to know your fellow residents. Just ask someone to play, or ask if you can join in! It's that easy!

Social Studio theater zone

The theater area has sofas and seats. Easy home theater!

Social Studio play zone

"Wanna shoot some pool?" Say this to any fellow resident and you're sure to find a willing player.

Social Studio fitness zone

With a full mirror for dance or yoga training, or a place to stretch after a bath and before bed.

Higako Salon

Residents who happen to be nail artists or therapists use this rental space to provide more relaxation for special prices.

Boasting the largest shared space at Oakhouse for a relaxing lifestyle

Of course, it's not just about fun and games.
There are a total of 160 rooms here, and this is the largest Oakhouse in terms of area, with plenty of facilities outside of amusement. Let's take a look at the other finer points.

Entrance hall

A high ceiling and interior pathway that lets in plenty of sunlight. Exquisite.


No, this is not a ping pong table! It's an office. With wifi.

Japanese bath

A great place to relax. Women and mens time changes weekly.


The kitchen can be a nice work space too. With an ice maker and other appliances.

Private room

Finally, most of the private rooms face south for good sunlight. This one is decorated with a white theme. Rooms facing the court have a good view!

Bike racks, and Suicle too

The closest station to Social Residence Higashi-Koganei is Higashi Koganei station on the JR Chuo line, and from there it's 8 minutes to Kichijoji, or 21 to Shinjuku. There is a bicycle lane along the highway road that approaches the house from the station, so it's good to use a bike. In Higashi Koganei, you can rent a bicycle with a Suica IC card! It's called Suicle. Monthly fee is 2,500 yen, but for SR Higashi Koganei residents it's just 2,000.
Right outside the property is the Tamagawa Josui, with lots of nature. And just past that is the 80-hectare Koganei Park, a popular place to relax amidst green nature.


As we tried to get the best shots of the kitchen, we wanted to ask some of the residents to move out of the shot so we could get a good picture. Luckily they were so kind and accomodating, even willing to help us show how great they think their house is. We were only there for 2 hours but we could really feel the international mood and kindness.
The manager told us: "we have a lot of residents from all over, with different ways of thought, living, and experiences. Sometimes there are some small issues between people with this, but actually it's easy to get past them and reach understanding in this kind of environment." A great message for peace!