Final Edition

Social Residence Yokohama: Grand Opening!!

Social Residence Yokohama: Finally finished!!

We recently had our Grand Opening of Social Residence Yokohama, a fantastic house in the popular Yokohama area on a hill with a view. The share house has a fitness gym, a large Japanese-style bath you can use 24 hours, a theater room, and a rooftop from which you can see the beautiful view of the city.

The first fully-equipped fitness gym at Oakhouse!

We have dumbells and crunch machine too!

Bright sunny fitness!
Social Residence Yokohama has a fully-equipped fitness gym. It has running machine, aerobike, various dumbells, and a yoga space. Why go to another gym after work before you go home when you can come straight home and already be at the gym?!

Lounge with wood theme makes for a more personal space. The sunlight feels great.

The mystery of the secret rooms!
The interior has been fully renovated. The ceilings are high and the lounge is in a stylish Scandinavian wooden design. There are many tables and chairs, as well sofa.
Also, the designer had a little fun, and also hid a "secret room" somewhere... searching for it could be a fun adventure!

Spacious and open lounge

The secret room... see if you can find it!

Fantastic shared facilities!

Planned free rental bicycles
Shared spaces include a theater room, study room, smoking room, and lounge with hi-vision TV. Have a party in the lounge or enjoy watching a soccer game with everyone! Also, we plan on adding free rental bicycles so you can enjoy biking around the city.

Japanse baths !

Separate smoking room. Makes smokers and non-smokers happy!

Separate mens and womens baths
Each floor has separate mens and womens baths!
Floors 3 and 5 are mens, and 2, 4, and 6 are womens. There are also shower booths.

122 rooms total! Great sunlight in east-facing rooms, and west-facing rooms can see Mt. Fuji!

Great sunlight!

Sunrise or Sunset?
The east-facing rooms get great sunlight. If you like to wake up with the sun, this could bea good room for you.
On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji from the west-facing rooms. The city looks beautiful at night, too.

Decorate your room!

The walls reduce noise!

Thick concrete walls
The walls of the rooms are concrete so sound doesn't travel as easily. There are no balconies, but each room has a drying room so you can dry your laundry.

A word from the manager

The managers of the Central-South area!

What's great about Social Residence Yokohama
Probably the biggest good point of this house is the full gym. Come straight home from work, change, work out, relax in the Japanese bath... you can do it all in one building.
If you need to head into town, rent a bicycle and head to the store; see the night view from the roof, etc... Social Residence Yokohama could be the start of your great new life! We are waiting for you to apply!

Ask the manager! Q&A

Is there car or bike parking? How much is it?
If you have a car, you can rent a parking space in front of the building for 15,000 yen per month. Bicycle parking is free, but there are limited spaces so you must obtain permission in advance.

Is there bicycle parking at the station?
There is public bicycle parking in front of the station. It is 100 yen per time, but the price changes depending on whether the space is roofed.

What is around the area?
The house is on a hill surrounded by residences. There are many stores near Hodogaya station.

What kind of people live here?
There are lots of people who work in Yokohama. There are also many foreigners who are visiting Japan or studying. It's a very international house!

We are waiting for you!

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