Final Edition

Co-living, Co-working, Co-learning - Academia Yokohama. The first in the new Oakhouse Academia series!

Live, work, learn in a comforting lounge.

Oakhouse has created a new series, Academia, with the theme of Co-living, Co-working, Co-learning, and we have opened the first house in the series, SR Academia Yokohama. This is a new house not only for living, but for working and learning.

A quaint block sign

The Academia all chandelier

Antiques in the Academia hall

Beautiful furniture in the Academia hall

The centerpiece of the house is Academia Hall, the gorgeous lounge. We've collected antique furniture from all over and used a beautiful chandelier to create a learned atmosphere.

In the lounge, you can eat and drink, use it as a work space or meeting space, or even a party space.
This is a space for culture and creativity.

The bright lounge of Academia Hall

The spaciousness of the lounge will hopefully help you with creative ideas and social exchange. You can see the garden from the large window. This building was actually originally a company residence with a Japanese garden.

If you're struck with writer's block, take a look out the window and take a deep breath, and hopefully an idea will come to you naturally as you gaze on the pleasant green nature.

The window to the garden in Academia Hall

You can barbecue in the garden, something you aren't really able to do in a rental in Tokyo. The lounge kitchen has an IH stovetop. There is a sink specifically for washing dishes so others can cook while you're cleaning up before and after your meal.

BBQ space in the garden, with new equipment on the way too

A clean and spacious kitchen

Something rare in a share house, where you can relax perfectly.

Going past the entrance hall to the 2nd floor we can see a gorgeous chandelier and antique furniture and clock. A projector in the entrance shows video footage of the house.

A spacious entrance hall

Now on the 2nd floor, there is a space that is rare for share houses and only found at ours: this!

Large bath

Large bath

This is the large Japanese bath area. The window lets in plenty of sunlight to help you relax in the bath. Mens and womens usage times changes daily. (Women are Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday, men are Tuesday Thursday Saturday)

Small lounge space for when you get out of the bath

Massage chair

After getting out of the bath, head to the small lounge space. There is a massage chair and drink vending machine.

You can either relax here or head outside to the space here!



The terrace has tables with parasols. You can also use this area at night. It's the perfect place to relax after a bath, maybe with a beer or glass of wine. It's your home too!

This could be a great place to come read too.

There is also a working space on the same floor as the large bath. There are plenty of ways to relax and concentrate here.

The study room is lined with books. It's a quiet place for more effective study. It has Wifi, electric sockets, and table lighting.

Study room

Study room

The floor below has a seminar room, good for meetings, seminars, lectures, workshops, presentations, or group study sessions. You can use the provided whiteboard to brainstorm or present.

Seminar room

There's one more place to relax.

Fitness gym

There is also a fitness gym here, with running machines and bikes. When your brain is tired, now it's time to move your body. Perfect your form or stretch or do yoga in front of the large mirror. It is on the 3rd floor. We plan on adding muscle training goods as well.

Your own comforting space.

There are several types of rooms at SR Academia Yokohama.

First there's the simple Single room, 12.96㎡.
In the room is a clothes drying rack, air conditioner, storage, single bed, lighting, desk, chair, and refrigerator. There is also a wireless iphone charger. It may be a little snug, but 2 people can live here for an extra monthly fee.

Single room

Plentiful storage

Iphone wireless charger

There are also rooms with wide balconies. On a sunny day have your coffee out here, or read. It's your own private space.


Light from the balcony

Plentiful storage

We also have premium rooms, one Japanese style and one western style. The Japanese type is like your own ryokan inn. It is about 10 tatami mats in size, with a big low bed and balcony.

Premium room

Spacious balcony

Use the tokonoma as a large storage space

There is also a shower room, wash basin, powder room, and smoking area outside. Because the building was originally a company apartment, there are plenty of showers/sinks etc so as not to be too busy in the mornings. There are women-only and mens-only spaces too.

Laundry room

Women space. Mens space available too

Shower room

As a little bit extra, there is also a monthly rental storage unit here. If you have too much stuff to fit in your room, for an extra fee you can store your extra items, appliances, winter clothes, documents, or anything. (Monthly rates differ depending on the space)

Monthly rental storage

You can bring your own TV and PC to your room, but sometimes you may want to put music or a movie on blast, or watch a big game with others. Wouldn't it be nice to have such a space? That's why we have a theater room!

Theater room

This is a place to live day to day: to eat, sleep, and relax.

The house is divided into areas where you can easily relax, live, work, and learn.

We hope you will find the best ways to do each in this house, every day.

So much about this house feels like finally scratching that itch you can't reach. SR Academia is a step beyond normal share houses--maybe even dozens of steps. It's a perfect space to relax, work, or learn, the perfect and logical blend. Everything you'd want in a living space.
(Writer / SAYO) (Photos / TOMO)