the earth Haneda [Semi-private review]



Semi-private house review! Semi-private rooms at the earth Haneda

What's a semi-private room?

Open September 2018!

the earth Haneda opened in September 2018. It7s just 15 minutes direct to Shinagawa, and just 7 minutes to Haneda airport, perfect if you travel a lot. Floors 3 and 4 at the earth Haneda are single rooms, and the 1st floor is women's semi-private rooms. We don't talk a lot about semi-private rooms, so we'd like to take the opportunity to show you!

Exterior: vivid red door

What's semi-private?

Shared space: spacious entrance

Semi-private type rooms are more personal than a dormitory space, where you share a bunk bed with another person. The bedroom of course has a lockable door so you have your private space. It's kind of like your own secret base. the earth Haneda has been fully-renovated so you can start a brand-new life fresh.
If you want a private single room for a lower price, this could be the best option for you.

The room is past the curtains

Behind the curtain is the room!

Climb the stairs to the bed space

Semi-private rooms are more personal than a dormitory type, with a lock on the bedroom door so you still have your private time. the earth Haneda has been fully renovated so you can have a fresh start!

Security locker in the room

The room has individual security lockers so you can keep your most important things extra-safe.

Open and spacious shared spaces

Shared kitchen

This is the system kitchen is on the 2nd floor. It has a rice cooker, kettle, toaster, microwave, and more. There's also a dining table.

A nice chandelier on the high ceiling! In this open space if feels like you can be more creative. There is also of course a sink space, bath, toilet, and laundry room.

Shared shower room

The remodeled shower has a mist head! You'll be thankful for it in cold times!

Shared laundry room

With a washing machine, iron, and ironing board.

A shared space you won't find at other semi-private houses

Fun times!

Shared space: darts machine

You may have noticed the darts machine in the previous pictures. It's really fun so maybe you'll have a home tournament!

Shared mini-theater

In this small theater room you can watch TV or movies on a tablet. Enjoy shared activities in the semi-private the earth Haneda.

Editor's notes

Peeking into the shared space from the room window

So what do you think of the semi-private the earth Haneda? There's enough space in the private spaces, and relaxing shared spaces. It's more than just a place to come home and sleep, but a place to enjoy. It's a different kind of experience than living in a private single room, so we hope you'll try it out!