FORO Eifukucho


A colorful place where everyone can mingle

On April 1st, in cooperation with Mitsubishi Jisho Residence, Oakhouse opened a new platform for people to create together.

With over 20 years of share house knowledge and know-how, Oakhouse is making a challenge for a new type of share house.

We have defined the share house as a social place, from our Social Residence buildings to the Social App program.

In this new venture, we have created a share house for creators and makers. We wanted to provide a space for creative people who work with their hands to have a place to do so, and make connections.

Share house can overcome borders, and bring different people and cultures together.
Diverse people and creativity can gather and mix in one place, and take off to frontiers unknown.
In the time of ancient Rome, the forum was where people gathered and exchanged things and ideas. We have borrowed the feeling of that word to create the FORO share house.

A workshop for woodworking, engraving, pottery, and textiles

The shared space on each floor has studio space and materials. The 1st floor has a carpentry room, engraving room, and pottery room; the 2nd floor has a sewing room, and there is also a gallery space for display.
In the gallery space, there can be gallery events, lectures, and workshops.

Woodworking room

Engraving room

Pottery room

Textile room

Rooms with different furniture layouts on each floor

Each room is 20㎡. The 1st floor rooms are for single residents, and the 2nd floor is built with 2-person rooms in mind. The 2nd floor rooms have 2 single beds, so they are good for couples and friends who want to focus on a short-term creative project.
The 1st floor rooms have a semi-double bed. There is a desk, chair, and sofa, perfect for one person to enjoy their space. There is also a refrigerator, AC unit, Wi-fi, and small sink.

1st floor room plan

2nd floor room plan

Create, meet, connect

Gallery space

Project planner comment

FORO Eifukucho opened on April 1st 2018.
I wanted to create a space that was a little different from usual share houses, with an enjoyable space that encouraged gathering together and connecting.
In the future I hope we can hold workshops, markets, and other kinds of events.
We look forward to all the unique ideas and things the residents will create over time!