Garden Terrace Seibu Yagisawa [Oak Explorers]




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Oak Explorers

Oak Explorers: Seibu Yagisawa

Oak Explorers: Seibu Yagisawa

Garden Terrace Seibu Yagisawa is now open, just 20 minutes to Seibu Shinjuku station with no transfers!
What's the town like? What kinds of shops are there? Ito and Kan from Oakhouse Marketing as well as Oakhouse residence Matthew, Jun, Nozomi, and Yanaka explore the area!

Seibu Yagisawa has a lot of history.

The north exit opens right out onto the shopping street!

The north side and south side are different
The north side of the station has many quiet residential areas and old-style shops. The south side has large apartments, ramen, soba, sweets, and other shops. Before the war, this area was residences for Nakajima Hikoji, a Japanese airplane and engine manufacturer. The house is on the north side, by the way.

We had lunch here!

Just 1 minute from the south exit!

Great balance between the soup and the other ingredients!

Additive-free Chuka soba, Kazumaru
Kazumaru Soba is an award-winning restaurant in Nishi-Tokyo. You can choose the thickness of the noodles, as well as the thickness of the flavor. The soup is fish-based, so even the strongest flavor goes down easy. The chashu goes great with the soup. It was obvious to see why this place won its awards. It was packed! The owners are really friendly people.

45 years in business!

Just 20 seconds from the south exit

Shipping all around Japan!

Yoshino Sweets, Yagisawa south exit store
This is a branch store of a store by Hodogaya station on the Seibu Ikebukuro line. The friendly staff gave their recommendations. They recommended the chestnut dorayaki. They have also won awards! The chestnut sweets tasted great and not too sweet.

Yagisawa shopping street

Really cheap vegetables!

Everyone in town is so friendly!

Warm and friendly shopping street
Greengrocers, handbag makers, bakeries, coffee shops, sweets shops, and salons... there are over 90 shops in this bustling shopping street. They also hold the Yagisawa Seminars where the shopkeepers and other skilled craftspeople share techniques that will be good for your hobbies and lifestyle, such as easy Thai recipes to make at home, or the history of jazz music, or knitting. Why not try out a few seminars?


Hard to choose just one of these tempting items!

No additives or preservatives!

Sweets shop
This was apparently originally a shop in Kichijoji. The cakes and cookies are made with carefully chosen ingredients and made lovingly. The sweets were nice to look at too, like the Yagisawa roll cake, cookies with icing, animal cookies, and others. The cakes are not too sweet and the cookies have are nice and crisp.

Okinawan cuisine Chura

Easy to spot by the yellow lantern and sign

Lots of great Okinawan cuisine!

Okinawan food, created by a chef trained in Italian cuisine
Just a 2-minute walk from Seibu Yagisawa station, south exit. Follow the tracks to find this bright yellow restaurant. They have rafute and peanut tofu, of course, but we recommend their original creations, such as avocado yukke. You should also try Okinawan beer! The chef was originally trained in Italian food, so you could also order some doria off the secret menu!

The end

There's a large Shinto shrine and park nearby!

A big shopping center, too!

This grocer insisted we try her delicious mikan oranges!

The best thing about Seibu Yagisawa is the warmth of the people and the town. You'll come across all sorts of people at the grocers, bakery, drug store, and other places as your are out and about. We heard a lot about the history of the area from the local people, and even were given tasty oranges by the lady running the grocery. It's a great place to live and walk around when you want to forget the rest of your busy days!