Garden Terrace Takanodai [Final edition]

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[Final edition]

Real Terrace House Lifestyle -A Day Off-

Here we will introduce to you the share house lifestyle at Garden Terrace Takanodai. At this share house, there are 3 single rooms in 1 building. You not only have your own private space, but can also still experience a shared lifestyle with your housemates. You could have a BBQ with the outside kitchen, or other experiences you won't find at other share houses. You might even form great friendships and relationships here!
Here is a look at a real terrace house day off.

AM 10:00 Wake up

Days off are for sleeping in a little. Since the room gets great sunlight, it's easy to wake up naturally. Right outside, the Tama river flows nearby. And it's only 2 minutes away from the station!
The sinks, showers, and restrooms are all brand new and clean. There is a large mirror perfect for checking yourself before you head out.

Large mirror on dresser

Sunny room

AM 11:00 Late breakfast with sharemate

Making breakfast in the share kitchen. The kitchen already has all the cooking utensils you'll need. Share a meal with your housemate in the lounge. In good weather, it feels great to eat out on the terrace.

With sharemates at the dining table

Fully outfitted kitchen

PM 2:00 Buying groceries at a nearby store

Today, there will be a barbecue outside with neighbors from the next building over! Going to buy groceries. There are 2 supermarkets within 2-minutes walking distance of the house. It's a perfect area to live in.

Shopping at CO-OP

Off to the supermarket

There are many shops in Takanodai. We recommend "meet shop KOIDE". Not "meat"; "meet"! Mr. Koide is very kind, and this is the perfect place to buy meet. I mean, meat! The best are the croquettes and chicken katsu.

Koide, the owner

Buying croquettes and chicken katsu

PM 4:00 BBQ at the outside kitchen

Starting the BBQ! Garden Terrace Takanodai has a kitchen outside. It's kind of fun to feel like going camping, without actually going camping. There is also a vegetable garden, so you can pick fresh veggies for your meals or barbecues. It's a great space for everyone in the house to interact. You can make great friends here.

BBQ! Sitting on the deck.

Or the table!

Hm? Wait a minute...

This is pretty great...

PM 6:00 Going out + after party in the lounge

After cleaning up from the barbecue, going out with sharemates, or hang out in the lounge.

The colors on the door and the shoe boxes are cute

Sofa and low table in the lounge

PM 10:00 Relaxing in your room

Come back to your room to wind down. You have your own private space. How great it is to be able to see friends and housemates so close by, but also have your own space.

Desk, bed, and refrigerator

What a nice day off! Good night!