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Final Edition

Share houses 101: the perfect place for your first time living on your own

10-minutes from Tachikawa station

Tachikawa station is just 26 minutes from Shinjuku station. It is actually the 3rd most-used station on the Chuo line, after Shinjuku and Tokyo stations. You can find many department stores here, like Granduo, Lumine, and Ecute connected to the station. You can find everything you need here or at other shopping centers nearby, like Isetan or Cinema City. Go a little further to find Lalaport mall or Ikea. Also, Showa Memorial Park is nearby when you need some refreshing nature. It's the perfect place to live and enjoy the town.

Shared lounge with many windows letting in lots of sunlight. And just 10 minutes from Tachikawa station

First, Gran Tachikawa is just a 10-minute walk from Tachikawa station. Any route you take is going to go down a big road, so it's safe. There are lots of places to eat and drink along the way too.

The perfect first share house, with small unit types

Entrance: an inviting mood with the welcome board

Unit kitchen: originally built for families, it's perfect for 4 individual people too

What's a unit type?
Gran Tachikawa is rare among Oakhouse share houses in that it is a unit type. In a unit type, 4 or so rooms are centered around a shared area including a small lounge, kitchen, and bathroom. It's basically a bunch of big apartments all in one building, with 4 people sharing the kitchen and bathroom. It's a good way to ease yourself in the shared lifestyle.

Theater room: enjoy movies with a great sound system!

Library: chill and read in the hammock

Easily switch between private and social
There are 2 buildings, and 18 units total. Other than the units there is a main lounge with a theater room and library.
Maybe you will spend most of your time just in your unit, especially during the week. Then sometimes you will want to head to the library to relax with a book. Or just spend time with your own roommates. Or come to the big lounge again to hang out with people from other units! Be private, social, or really social--3 levels!

First, take a look at the rooms on their own

Windows on 2 walls for a bright room

A spacious room. You could probably even fit a sofa in here

The B building has a unit with a living room, more like a share house

Everything right within reach

In the back, off to the right is another window (the curtains were closed in this picture, sorry!)

On top of this, the rooms themselves are great! This whole building was originally built as corporate housing, so the room sizes are just right. Most of the rooms are pretty much the same size, but some have balconies, some have two windows, etc.

At the basic level, share with 4 people. Cut down on wait times

It's like living in a 4-person family

Keep shoes stored in the shoe box in the entrance

All the units have a kitchen, shower, wash basin, and washing machine for 4 people. This way you don't have to wait that long and still live at your own pace. That's why this is a good place for people who have never lived in a share house before.
40% of the residents here are from other countries, so it's easy to make friends from other countries or practice your languages. Or learn a new one!

With over half the residents being women, this might be the Oakhouse share house with the most women.
Usually when you live on your own in an apartment in the city, you may never meet your neighbor. But with a unit type, you're sharing with 3 other people, so you'll always have a basic social net.
Gran Tachikawa rent is between 49000 and 55000 yen, and only 10 minutes from Tachikawa. It's practically ideal.
This is the perfect spot if it's your first share house, or even first time living on your own.