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House viewing and gym training lesson report

Reset your lifestyle habits at Gran Toda!

A share house with the theme of getting healthy while living

*This article contains information regarding events and campaigns that took place until the end of July. "Group workouts" listed in articles after August 2018 are being held for Grand Toda residents and non-residents in the shared space gym. For details, please see the event page. (Link here. )

Gran Toda is opening soon, as part of Oakhouse's top-class Gran series. All rooms have a bath, toilet, and veranda, and the house has a lounge and theater room. But the biggest point here is the gym. When I heard that they will hold training support lessons in the gym, I became interested, because I am probably the person most likely to quit going to the gym! Also, right now there is a 1-month free rent campaign, and a "body fat purchase" campaign: If you lose 2kg, you get 10,000 yen worth of PAO points! (to use toward rent) So for these reasons, I thought I would check it out.

Training by a house resident who is also Tokyo University Master's Graduate

The two leaders of the event looked pretty macho. One of them, Yuzo Hoshino, used to live in a different Oakhouse, and he owns the Fundoshibu company, graduated from Tokyo University with a master's degree in muscular physiology, owns a gym, runs a bar, went to study fashion culture in Italy, etc etc etc! The other is Ken'ichi Katsuyama, who is a gym trainer who used to be a comedian. He currently lives in Gran Toda. Also, if you live here, they will provide initial diet support, too.
Mr. Katsuyama used to live in another share house, but moved to Gran Toda to help out with this project. Mr. Hoshino met Katsuyama at the other house, and recruited him for this project. This is the kind of thing that could only happen at a share house.

Trainer Hoshino, who has a wide variety of knowledge and activities

Gran Toda resident and trainer Katsuyama

Hoshino is an effective leader in Gran Toda. Sometimes you may even find him volunteering to pick up garbage in Shibuya, wearing a fundoshi, or holding fundoshi fashion shows.

Katsuyama moved to Gran Today from Tama Plaza. He is also a personal gym trainer, and holds TRX training at Gran Toda 3 times a week.

TRX training at home?

A wide variety of workouts can be done with these hanging straps

TRX is a company that developed an exercise called suspension training, and it was created by former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick. Using just gravity and your body, you can train your muscles, balance, flexibility, dexterity, and core.

Event start!

Today was the house viewing and TRX suspension training lesson. First, we walked around the house checkout our the rooms and facilities, even seeing some empty rooms used as model rooms. People said it was spacious, and nice to have a toilet in the room. They also said the veranda was nice, and really liked the lounge. The lounge and kitchen are plenty spacious, even for the 36 rooms here. And there's a theater room!

Seeing the rooms (2F hallway)

Projector to watch movies

Spacious lounge, sofa space, desk space

High energy with friends and music

We changed into workout clothes and gathered in the gym. First, Hoshino gave a lecture about the effectiveness of training as a group. Then we warmed up, moving along with dance music. Working out alone isn't nearly as much fun.

Warming up with the music

Getting pumped up!

The workout continued, with the trainer going over how to use the suspension system, giving words of encouragement, and more. Before we were even halfway done, it felt hotter than even the worst summer day! And even thought it only got tougher, it still felt really fun, and gave us energy.

Helping out friends by encouraging them

Posture is important

Come on, just a few more seconds!

There are 6 TRX suspension systems

"It was really, really tough. I haven't worked out like that in awhile. It was hard to keep up!"
"The house is nice, and the training was hard! Both exceeded my expectations."
"It was a great time!"
"The mirror in the gym is big so it's good for yoga too."

The TRX was definitely memorable. By using your body and different angles of suspension, you can freely and smoothly work out in a group. It's perfect for a share house setting. And even though everyone said the training was tough, they all said so with a smile. It often feels really good to work up a sweat. Then we moved to the living room to cool down, and took a picture.


Dining room and counter kitchen. Nice furniture

Making protein drinks in the spacious lounge

Not just a gym close by: a gym at home

Attendees working together
There were 11 participants, 2 trainers, and 3 observers. It seemed like a lot of people today were already serious about getting healthy, so the trainers upped the difficulty of the workout. Katsuyama is eager to help you create a good diet too. The motto at Gran Toda is "Play Hard, Stay Healthy, Work Smart". Hoshino hopes you will come live in a gym and change your lifestyle habits. I think with the encouragement of everyone I can do it!

A gym big enough for group workouts. You can check your posture in the big mirror.

The home removes all points of frustration

A true share house

Is it a pain to go to the gym? Not if you already live there!
Are gyms too expensive? Well, there's no fee for the workouts at Gran Toda.
Don't know how to work out? There's a pro trainer living with you, willing and able to provide support.
Do you give up easily, and find it hard to start up again? Everyone living here is in the same boat, working toward the same goal.
Worried you never see results? Your housemates and trainers will always have kind words of encouragement.


I can't believe it's already summer. The training lesson was a helpful experience. Now I feel like I want to go to other events and have other experiences and really change myself! I think everyone who was there that day felt the same. In just 2 hours of training and moving our bodies, I think we all felt more positive. I am a total share house beginner, but everything felt just right. The trainers encouraged us to come up with new ways together to train and encourage each other, and I feel my motivation rising, along with the temperature outside!

(Writer: kana haruta)