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Q. Share house marriage?

I've heard that people who lived together in a share house have gotten married.
What do you think about that, Tama-chan?

A. Probably as a result of that show I mentioned that was about finding love in a share house, but sure, there are lots of people that become couples while living at a share house. So of course the next logical step is marriage. There are lots of couples in my share house, so even if there is a married couple living there, it doesn't feel weird at all.

What do I think? Well, you might be asking because you are already married or thinking about getting married, but I wouldn't worry about it. And if you're still single, you might meet someone great in your house. Why not live in one and find out?

Person who answers the questions


Gay writer. Born in 1982.
Moved to Tokyo from Tottori prefecture when he was 27, and has lived in various share houses (5 years of share house experience). He is an expert in share houses, beauty, and food, and is sensitive to emotions. Though many women with relationship troubles come to him for advice just after hearing he is gay, in actuality, he has not had a boyfriend for 13 years, so can be reticent when it comes to things he does not have experience in.

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