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Q. Is living at a share house stressful?

Living in a share house means living with people you don't know, right?
Does it get stressful? I'm worried about that.

A. Of course there may be some stress, but there is also plenty to enjoy.

For me personally, I don't often get frustrated or stressed to the point where I ever feel "stressed out", but yeah, I mean sometimes I may notice when the person above me is moving their chair, or when I have work on the weekend and people are having a party and I think, maybe it's time to keep your voices down? Stuff like that.

When I first moved in, I thought, there must be a lot of noise at a share house, or music... but then again, you'll find the same issues even if you're living alone in an apartment.

I think one of the main strengths of share houses is that there are a lot of people who stay only for a short time. It's sad when you make close friends with those people and then they leave, but then again, there are some people where you might be a little glad they're moving out. I do think it's great that the moving in and out process is so simple. If you have concerns like this, why not come and live in a share house for awhile? You might find some stress, but you might also find ways to relieve that stress!

It's all up to you!

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Gay writer. Born in 1982.
Moved to Tokyo from Tottori prefecture when he was 27, and has lived in various share houses (5 years of share house experience). He is an expert in share houses, beauty, and food, and is sensitive to emotions. Though many women with relationship troubles come to him for advice just after hearing he is gay, in actuality, he has not had a boyfriend for 13 years, so can be reticent when it comes to things he does not have experience in.

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