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Q. I'm looking for a share house. What's a good company?

When looking for a share house, what kind of company should I look for?

A. Things to look for when choosing a share house.

I've lived in a share house for 4 years, so I've come up with a list of things to look for. Here's one of them:

1. Are the rules clearly explained?

House rules aren't that strict and shouldn't be difficult to understand.
-no using the washing machine after a certain time
-Keep quiet in the lounge after a certain time.
-Lock the entrance door after you

A lot of this stuff is common sense and you might think it's not even necessary to write it down, but if there is ever a problem in the course of this "shared lifestyle", really it is everyone's responsibility. Thinking about the rules I listed above:

-Washing machines are noisy, and if you use them at night, people might not be able to sleep well.
-By keeping quiet at night, you can prevent complaints from neighbors
-Prevents potential theft by people from outside the house

Mostly the rules are there to prevent any problems to begin with.
A lot of share house companies big and small have cropped up in recent years, but if the house doesn't have any rules, then it's just a lawless jungle.

So for me, it was really important to actually go see the house before I made a decision. What are the rules? Are the rules being followed? If so, then it's easy to live there. Even if I wasn't able to meet anyone while I was visiting, at least it would be easy to make friends if everyone was following the rules.

Person who answers the questions


Gay writer. Born in 1982.
Moved to Tokyo from Tottori prefecture when he was 27, and has lived in various share houses (5 years of share house experience). He is an expert in share houses, beauty, and food, and is sensitive to emotions. Though many women with relationship troubles come to him for advice just after hearing he is gay, in actuality, he has not had a boyfriend for 13 years, so can be reticent when it comes to things he does not have experience in.

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