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Q. Do we pay for utilties every month?

Are utilities paid separately from rent?
Does the price depend on how much electricity/water/gas I use?

A. Utilities are marked as "maintenance fees" in the contract.

At Oakhouse houses, rent and maintenance fees are charged separately.
It depends on the house, but usually it is between 7000-yen to 15000-yen per month.

Also, at some houses there is an upper limit on utility usage, and any amount over that is used is charged separately.

Person who answers the questions

Oakhouse Co., Ltd. : Oakey

Nickname: Oakey Real Name: Oak Goldschmidt
Born in 1985 in Yokosuka, where his father worked at the military base there.
Grew up in Japan until age 8, then moved to America at age 9.
At age 27, he got a renewed interest in Japan, wanted to live there again, and moved to Tokyo.
Met a lot of Oakhouse people through his girlfriend and has become something like an Oakhouse expert since then.

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