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Q. Is it easy to save money while living at a share house?

I'm a student, so I want to save as much money as I can.
Is there a way to keep rent and utility costs low at a share house?

A. Smart way to save at a share house

I've lived in a share house for 4 years, but sometimes I meet someone who is determined to save money while living here, and I think how smart they are. I've lived with a lot of people here and quite a few of them are living here to save up for a trip overseas, so I think they are using share house intelligently.

Here, you don't have to worry about furniture or appliances, so if you go and come back, you can move in to a room ready to live in. Or you can live with people from different countries and learn English, Japanese, or something else.
I mean, there's a refrigerator, bed, dishes, utilities, and internet already in the house so there's a bunch of money saved already right there. And when you renew your contract with Oakhouse there are no renewal fees, which is great.

Sometimes, depending on the house, there are different duties like "trash duty" or something and you can get discounts here and there. If you take advantage of all the deals Oakhouse offers you can save quite a bit.

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Gay writer. Born in 1982.
Moved to Tokyo from Tottori prefecture when he was 27, and has lived in various share houses (5 years of share house experience). He is an expert in share houses, beauty, and food, and is sensitive to emotions. Though many women with relationship troubles come to him for advice just after hearing he is gay, in actuality, he has not had a boyfriend for 13 years, so can be reticent when it comes to things he does not have experience in.

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