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18 houses with 332rooms in
JR-KeihinTohoku line

The Keihin Tohoku line connects 35 stations in Saitama, Tokyo, and Kanagawa prefectures.


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Railway Overview

It connects Omiya station in Saitama and Yokohama station in Kanagawa, running a total of 59.1 km. It connects with many major important stations, and has a very high number of riders. Every day, Tokyo station has the largest number of riders, and then Yokohama and Shinagawa. Other stations with more than 200,000 daily riders are Omiya, Akihabara, Shinbashi, and Kawasaki. It's an important line for people who live in Saitama or Kanagawa to commute in to Tokyo for business. It runs often, with many train cars. There are also several express options, making for more convenient commutes. Many people look for places to rent along this line. The area tends to trend high for rents, so you may need to compare your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Places to see

The Keihin Tohoku line covers a lot of ground, so of course there is a lot to see. First, Omiya station has department stores like Lumine and Takashimaya, as well as the Saitama Museum and Hikawa shrine. Saitama Shintoshin station is home to Saitama Super Arena and Cocoon City. Super Arena holds concerts by world-class musicians, or high-profile sports matches. Shinagawa station has many large hotels and many large businesses are headquartered there in its high-rose office buildings. Tsurumi station in Kanagawa is home to Tsurumi shrine, Soji temple, and other historical landmarks. Yokohama has the Yokohama Sky Building, Minato Mirai, and is a beautiful harbor town. The Keihin Tohoku line is quite diverse.


The Keihin Tohoku line serves many major stations in the metropolitan area, so it's perfect for businessmen for their commutes. However, the rental market trends toward higher prices around these stations, so it might be difficult to secure affordable housing here, depending on your profession. On the other hand, if you want to live around the less-populous stations in Saitama or Yokohama, this could be a more affordable option. Most of the station areas are well-developed for a nice lifestyle, though because of the sheer diversity it is recommended to find the best environment for you. The Keihin Tohoku line is a strong choice if you are looking for convenient and nice lifestyle in the city.

JR-KeihinTohoku line stations

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